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Free guitar amp/FX plugin

Here… Wurr Audio Engineering

I have not checked it out yet… at work… might be worth the download though.



GreenMachine looks pretty comprehensive (pdf) I’m going to give it a ‘wurley’ (brit

term that I just made up
) and try playing with the MIDI adsr controller.

Wurr? As in; it used to work? :laugh: I saw a new version of free amp on line somewhere too. Maybe they’ve improved on it, in it or around it.

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Oct. 05 2009, 4:28 PM)

a 'wurley' (brit

term that I just made up

Give the thingy a wurley!

Wurley - I think I got one of those in junior high school.

All right all ready. I’ll give it a TRY. :laugh: