getting a mouse out of a guitar

no not really but
ive never played acoustic guitar… now they want me to play one on a new song & evry time i move my fingers the bottom strings squeek somthing terrible… how does anyone play these things… evry time i record the guitar its spoilt by all this squeeking
what do you do?

You can get a Pressurized can of “Finger Ease”, at the Guitar Shop…
or similar stuff… OR
a lot of practise, helps, so-they-say…

Bass Players aren’t liked when they squeak those big bottom-end notes on wire wound strings…


Changing the strings might help, or some product like Bill says - something like Fast Fret can help. And sometimes it’s just a bit of technique.

It’s a PITA isn’t it?

hehe, I thought you were serious about the mouse for a moment there…I left my soft guitar case in the corner of the kitchen for like a month once, when I picked it up to use it, a mouse ran out. It had been living inside for ages cause iut had ripped out all the foam lining and left a rather lot of small deposits!
…I screamed like the girl that I am and ended up on a chair shouting for Rob! :laugh:

…about the strings though, if you find a real solution, let me know…i’ve tried the ‘special strings’ but IME what you gain in loss of squeak, you loose in tone :(

Embrace the squeak! :agree:

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 26 2011, 12:29 PM)

Embrace the squeak!

now he tells me... :(

(I spent hours of studio time re-doing tracks to smooth out squeaks!)

yes a real mouse would definitly be easier to get rid of. ange

i put a tube of throat pastels in a po faced folk singers guitar once to drop a hint about his awful voice but he couldnt get them out & played the gig with these banging noises inside it…he hated me!

i took up guitar to make noise & lots of it so acoustics guitars have never been my thing

i have some of that fret ease i never used it it was a christmas present some years back
can someone assure me it wont mess the guitar up at all cos ive borowed it?
what is PITA?

Pain In The Arse

Panic In The Airport.

Fast Fret literally lasts for ever - dunt work, though.

It’s safe to use Tina. :agree: Helps the feel of an electric too - once you get use to it. Really does “ease” the finners. :agree:

IF you can stand the feel… Finger-Ease helps…

I remember my first experience with coated strings… you ever try those? BLECH! Same thing…


Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Jan. 26 2011, 4:07 PM)

IF you can stand the feel... Finger-Ease helps...

I remember my first experience with coated strings... you ever try those? BLECH! Same thing...


My son paid serious wonga on a set of 'Super Slippy Silent, powder-coated, Day-Glo Orange......orrible! They sound like nylon.

well the fret ease seems to have changed the tone of the guitar its gone mellower which is a pity & the mouse now sounds like hes reached puberty & his voice has broken
ill try leaving some cheese out to coax him out or i might even try rubbing cheese on the strings!
cheese ease

I think all that fret tratment gear is silicon which pokes a finger in the eye of natural law. “Removed only by mechanical means”