Getting anything done?

I haven’t been able to do anything this holiday. Aaarrgh.

How about you folks?

I haven’t gotten anything done…however I have the next two days off so the potential is there.

Also I have a new song I have yet to post, but will not post publicly here (too much industry slime lurking about) will post a blank new song thread and give a link to anyone who PM’s me.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I didn’t really care for this holiday so I was more productive than ever. :laugh:

Have a good holiday guys! :)

now for the ol’ corny insert, see ya next year! :p

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I’ve been getting nothing done. This is a good thing. :laugh:

Nada. With the nephews over I’m lucky if I can finish a complete senten-

Hold on a sec…



Where was I? Oh yeah, prolly in a few days I’ll get back on that recording horse.

driving…lots of driving!

Yeah! I’ve been mixing (or should I say renovating) a multi-track mix of an outdoor gig I did with my boys in the local precinct just before christmas.

Bad playing, bad singing, terrible PA, bad recording, cold and out of tune guitars. But hey it was fun and the crowd seemed to enjoy singing along. Glad I’ve got several days to work on it. Might even let you hear something when I’ve finished.

Driving is right. Family spread too far apart. Ugh. Hours and hours and hours of children’s christmas music on the cd player. Double ugh.

flanders, you are a contrarian! I am going to get you Hitchen’s book as a late Xmas present. And then lunch with Paul Krugman. :)

Gad, nothing yesterday, nothing today, nothing tomorrow, nothing the day after that.

At least the Flint Generals are starting to win. Tonight: Gens vs. the Quad City Mallards, who have the worst jerseys ever in the history of anything. Except for an NHL team once owned by Disney. What is it with ducks anyway?