Getting dry vocal tracks

I need help!

I am new to N-track having worked with Adobe Audition some before. A real novice to all of this mixing…wish I had my own engineer…would rather just sing - but - I must learn this stuff if I want to record CD’s. How to I separate the vocals from the music. When I record I get music on the same track as the vocals and I need the dry vocals??? Can anyone help a very lame techie challeneged girl?

I assume you are monitoring the music through headphones when recording hte vocal so that there is no sonud coming out your speakers for the microphone to pickup…

That being the case it sounds like you are using a soundcard that has an option in it’s control panel to “record what you hear” or record monitor mix or similar.

You want to disable this option and have the soundcard only record the inputs that you tell it to (ie. line in)

If that doesn’t help let us know what soundcard you have and also what steps you take when recording.