Getting off my a$$

Hey all.
Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I guess I’ve been in my cocoon…healing from some stuff that’s knocked me sideways.

I guess we all have hard times though.

I haven’t even listened to much since the 50/90 thing…so sorry Tom!! Hopefully I’ll be catching up in the next weeks. Got a LOT to catch up on!

In the meantime an email from Duffman made me get off my a$$ and finish this from the 50/90 challenge that my family seemed to like:

Stop! (Before I Die)

…or is it finished?

Cool. BTW, don’t bother to listen to the 50/90 stuff, it’s all too old to be worth anything now. :laugh:

what have you done for me lately?
craig posted that hours ago.

Yeah! I agree with JDET!!!



I had to go to bed!!! Now I gotta go to work but I'm on it!!!!

Cool song Craig. Nice laid back tempo and vox bang up to the mark as usual. Good lyrics. You been quiet for a while…nice comeback mate!! :agree: :agree:

Love this tune, Craig. Nice comfy mix too.

I rather liked it. :)

Damn straight flanders. Craig is one helluva talented fellow.

The vocals smoke pup

Nice to hear you are back.
Good mix of one of your best songs.


…or is it finished?

That is always the question.
Wish I knew the answer.

yey :;): Spreadie does it again! love the bassy tone in yur lower harmonies and the whole feel of this is nice n mellow, nice production too… yup, I likes it alot :)

Ange x

This is another good one, I forgot about your smooth voice, love the backing vocals, ooooooh, you really captured the classic sound with this one. Glad Duff gave you a kick in the butt, come to think of it he’s kicked mine too, more than once.