Getting rid of cracks and pops

…with setting PCI-latencies?

I was searching for a solution to my soundproblems on my laptop, particularily unwanted artifacts in sound in rec/pb. Then I ran to this:

A user reported that he got rid of all his similar problems in this way. (

So if this really works, this kind of functionality should be a part of any successful daw software? I’ll try this thing later and report if it works for me.

I use PCI Latency Tool 3.0. The thing does work, especially on repeat offenders like SATA raid controllers and video cards. Setting the PCI latency is something I always recommend, along with un/clicking “keep devices open” and cranking the recording buffers up…

The latest version is here (and it’s free):


Resolved - after a lot of experimenting and difficulties with display drivers (which involved using system restore, don’t forget to save your system before uninstalling/installing display drivers!!!). I had installed Omega drivers for my ATI mobility 9700. I changed them into official catalyst 6.4 drivers, which seems to have solved everything. No clicks in sound anymore caused by dragging sliders in Firefox, minimizing/maximizing, scrolling, anything. :D :cool: I am currently using the base latencies for my laptop, nothing changed whatsoever (according to “PCI latency tool” program). Most latencies are in 64.