Ghost in the song

a cautionary tale

was happily messing with build 2163 trying to normailse a section of a track -

selected the area to be normalised and guess what CRASH - (not unusual in the early stages of a new version) but this one had me guessing -

usual thing, re-boot, restart N, import song again, then the fun began - when mixing down the song (16 bit as 24 bit causes crash) the area that i had selected before crash mixed down OK, but the area after the selected section was normalised to 0db -

closed N, restarted, reset prefs to default, re-programmed prefs (in-case the prefs file was broken) - same thing, no matter what i did nothing would make the track mixdown without the unwanted normalisation -

then i had a (rare) thought, i removed the track from the song, and there it was, sitting BEHIND the track (not visible with track in place) was the area i selected before it crashed -

good job that this was not a valuable song, as the crash had ‘permanently’ inprinted the selected area into the timeline background the only thing to do was to delete the song and start again -


Eh, what?

Any chance of a screenshot?

Selecting the part of the track that was over top and dragging it to new tracks wouldn’t separate them? I’ve run into that that occasionally. Sometimes it’s hard to get just one part selected for dragging. It easy to have a part overlap another part or to have a selected area pasted over top of itself by accident. Of course it shouldn’t get there the way it did in your case Dr J. Also, overlapping parts should be made visible so it’s easy to see them (I don’t remember how they show up right now). This holds true for overlapping MIDI notes.

Phoo makes a good point. I was lost on the weirdness of what you were seeing and trying to imagine it myself.

I have had part selection problems in n-track 5. I’ve not worked out where/when/how but perhaps this is what you are seeing?


I had a project using version 4 where a track was cut several times to shorten a dialog. When it was done some tracks were behind other tracks even when it looked right. It would not play correctly, even though the meters did not show clips that is what it sounded like. I finally just started over being careful to not let the tracks stack on one another - it worked fine then.