Ghost in the System?


I was working on my God Of Wonder song today - as I’m sure many of you will be happy to hear.

A couple of times during the song (maybe 5 or 6 times actually), there is an audible “computer bleep” that can be heard here

Play God of Wonder II, and you’ll hear it at 25 seconds…

The problem I’m having is that it isn’t on any of the tracks when I “solo” them (including the midi track for N-track drums), so I have no idea how to address the offending “bleep.” They are always in the same places as well - they don’t move around.

It appears at mixdown, and when you’re playing all the tracks at the same time.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or potential recommendations to address the problem?

Has this happened to anyone else?

All the best,

Well, I can’t really help you out on this one. Just wanted to say that as a kiss fan I found that tune kinda cool… :)

You may have a plugin that is a demo (some give off beeps every so often as a way to make you pay for them…)

one solution that may work - although a bit time consuming so if all else fails

rebuild the entire song file: - start a new song, then copy and paste each track into the new song and save

some programs seem to get confused when a file is altered, saved and reopened many times, and i have had similar problems with ntrack v3 - this method has often gotten me out of trouble



I’ve had that happen and was NEVER able to figure out what it was. I assumed it was some kind of resonance “right there at that spot” that created an over zero peak for a minuscule time. The waves would have to be perfectly aligned for this to happen, but it’s possible, and if anything in the chain doesn’t handle a value over zero then there would be a glitch.

—Small but audible glitch in mixdown file
—Not present on any single track
—Not visible in any single tracks wave (checked in external editor)
—Result is very visible in mixdown file
—Not audible when playing song in n-Tracks
—Seems to happen ONLY when doing offline mixdown (not proven 100%)
—Muting any one track before doing a mixdown results in no glitch
—Changing the playback volumes of the tracks had no affect
—Disabling some plug-ins got rid of glitch, usually
—Disabling some plug-ins did not get rid of glitch
—Disabling some plug-ins that got rid of glitch earlier, didn’t
—Ultimately I was not able to determine if the plug-ins had anything to do with the glitch

But, in the end I suspected it was the n-Tracks onboard EQ that was the most likely candidate.

Which version on n-Tracks are you using? I think I was using V3 when I first noticed it. I haven’t had it happen in a LONG time, and to be honest, only one song did it consistently in the past. It had a few tracks with lot of highs in them (shaker and cymbal tracks, and screechy feedback guitars, along with some droning drums).

HAHAHA - man, was there anything in that song that didn’t seriously mess things up at some point?

No…I don’t think so. that was a HUGE learning experience, not that much could really learned by a hard headed old fart one. I’m still struggling with the differences between analog and digital. :)

I never figured out what was causing the “bleep” sound, but ended up using volume control to bring the level down when it made those sounds, and then bringing it back up again. It was basically a matter of milliseconds, so if you listen for it, you might not pick it up. It’s really quick, so hopefully it’ll go unnoticed by casual listeners.

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