Gibson Tiger

outputs for each string


Optimized For Stage and Studio
Dusk Tiger is the perfect guitar both on stage and in the studio. The combination of magnetic and piezo pickups gives traditional and more “acoustic” guitar tones, while separate outputs for each string allow you to create sounds from classic to beyond futuristic. Add to that a multichannel FireWire interface, Ableton Live 8 and Guitar Rig 4 Pro and your possibilities are unlimited.


Sounds like my Variax, which is not good…

The Flash movie crashed my browser too.


I noticed the J Beck reissue costs twice as much the Dusk Tiger with
all the bells and whistles.
Not that I wouldn’t drink a can of Milwaukee’s Best for one.

Messin with a classic.

The biggest problem with owning a guitar like this is; one would have a tendency to stay on one cord to long :laugh:

Only a thousand sold world wide…somehow that seems a bit out of reach for us Ntrack users! lol

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

:agree: (built by hand - by robots) But in keeping with the LP ethos.