Gimmie a hand?

I am testing a new web statistics package and one of the features is to identify an IP by country. The problem is, I only have access to American IPs. Would some of you fellers (even the Americans) mind visiting a link for me to test this stats package? Thanks a ton!


One visit from the UK done!


Another from Limey-Land :D


Cool, I got enough to see that the thing works, so no one needs to click any more. I got one hit from Mauritius… where is that?

I dunno, but I want to go there. :)

Somebody tell me what was on the site that caused me to get a huge on-screen display that said…

Access denied by Emirates Internet.

I had a single text file posted that said :Thanks for helping me gather these statistics. Pretty exciting stuff. It might have been pissed as I put no header or anything in the file. It was a simple text file I renamed to index.html so Apache would load something. So if they have proxy of some sort they run you through, it was probably pissed at all the header and other typical HTML info missing.

Oh, and Mauritius is an island off of South America. I betcha Wihan’s ISP routes out of there. But yeah, looks like paradise.

If I remember and get time I’ll try another UK IP when I get home.

Really guys, thanks for the help, but I got all I need at this point. I just needed to confirm that it was indeed parcing IPs correctly. I don’t want you going through any unnecessary trouble.

Doh, and I’d got my flights booked to Barbados so I could click on it from there!

I’ve created a monster. :)


Beefy calling from Iceland.
Do you want I should make the trip to the North Pole Bubba?
Will that help?


The North Pole should be taken care of through my Norwegian click this morning :)


OK t.
I guess it’s Tazmania for me then?

Yeah, if you beat Willy or Rich to it :)

Do ya need a click from BumF#ck, if so I live there! :D

Done Australia.


D*mn, Willy beat me to it :D


Done Australia.

Doh! Can I do NZ?