Gina Pops running XP

I’m very green (1-week into my first DAW and very sleepy) but very enthused! Walk me through how to cure my popping in play back and recording. I didn’t have the problem in W2K but have developed it w/ XP??? I am running V4.
I don’t hear the pops monitoring the first tracks in recording but hear it in play back and recording on out…
Sound card is Gina with latest beta available…

Check out some of the tuning tips at offers some great advice for trimming some of XP’s Services fat.
Also you may need to increase your buffers via n-Track (using WDM or MME drivers) or via the Gina’s control panel (using ASIO drivers).
Another invaluable addition to any computer based DAW is a second hard drive dedicated to the working directory for all audio data.
You may even want to try an earlier stable driver release … latest Beta’s aren’t always the best option.

And failing that, adjust your PCI latency, lowering the videocard and/or sata raid controller, and increasing the soundcard.

BTW, post your system stats.