Q: What do Ginger Baker and 7-11 coffee have in common?
A: They both suck without Cream.

Not nice pops I heard that he lives up there in those hills of yours some where.
:cool: Let their be durm drumming!

I am
wondering what drum manufacturer is being promoted there ????
My first thoughts are...
What a great advertisement..
Those guys are great, as well.. It's an inspiration for the budding drummer..


As a former vinyl album owner of the ‘Baker Gurvitz Army’…I have to agree with Poppa. :agree:

However…Ian Paice is great with anybody :)

These guys ain’t bad live…especially as the long-haired guy is the lead singer :)

Baker Gurvitz Army, I had 2 lp’s, Elaysian Encounter and Hearts On Fire…

2 songs listenable out of 2 lp’s
Hearts On Fire
Neon Lights

The rest absolutely sucked! :disagree:

Elaysian Encounters would make great clay pigeon for skeet shooting… :cool:

Speaking of Baker and coffee…er…Kofi Baker…Ginger Baker’s son.

what is that bass drum? looks like an old parade drum!

Kofi sure sounds a lot like his dad. Not entirely, but a lot.

Made to be like old maching drums – lugs aren’t attached to the shells at all.