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2admin,moderators: If you dont want to see us anymore click here

Oh god, not another one. :(

My fualt guys, it’s this new cologne I’m wearing! :laugh:

… Looking for a young man? Well, that leaves me out! (Young at heart maybe?)

Yup, it must be Gizmo’s cologne.

I’m gonna write that Oxyclean guy for a refund. This Troll Begone s#@t don’t work…


Flav- please! “Click here”!!

Now that I got the links pasted to my Favorites… :D

Hah- I’m already “dated” too.

Well WAIT A MINUTE GUYS! Can she send us a picture of her DAW???

Girl of my dreams? :(

I hope not, the dreams I have is the reason I try never to sleep! :laugh:

Anyway guys, listen to the voice of an old man and never ever indulge in computer dating.

I did, and spent 2 months with my private parts stuck in a half closed CD tray. :(

:D LoL :D

Tried phone sex once but the holes were too small …


Hey, I see you’ve got that dude for an avatar again ! (wozzisname, something like salad fingers ?) Sweet.


Ever hear the song “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?”