Give it listen guys... cover tune...

“Arise” by Paul Baloche

Scratch vox and no harmony vox yet… how does it sound to you guys? My ears are tired…



I get a error…Deep linking not allowed…when I click on the link.


Ugh, I’ll fix it when I get to work. Sorry…


Link fixed… Arise


OK I listened last night and as you probably could guess…the lyrics aren’t my cup of tea!

Musically it is very nicely done. Very professional sounding. You have a lot of talent and I enjoyed listening.


Hey - TG can sing !
We could use you in the Fart Ones when actual singing is needed :)
I only listened on the built in laptop speakers so I can’t comment on the sound except that the voice is mixed a little too loud in places for my tastes.
I also thought I heard an autotune in there but after double checking I’m VERY unsure about that, and suspect I’m wrong.
I’ll try to say something more meaningful after I’ve checked it out downstairs on the DAW…

Heh. I WISH it was TG singing! That’s my bud on the vocal. He played the keys as well as some guitar parts. I threw on the distorted guitars and riffs.

Thanks for the kind words KF.

Teryeah lemme know later what you think.


PS No Autotune… we will probably redo the lead vocal and we have a couple gals lined up to throw some harmony vox on as well. I’m itchin’ to replace them 'puter drums as well…

Hi TG,

Very nice track and sound. Would benefit from some high harmonies. Gave it the ultimate accolade and saved it to my PC :)
Good to see you using Motagator. Me and Beefy had a “hit” on there with a song called “Hymn”. Nice service they provide.

Good Stuff. Will replace with the final version when you post it!

Thanks Ian. I’ll post the final product when we are finished. :)



Good stuff, I wish my ears were more able to apreciate it :D


OK, gave it some more time and made the following (utterly subjective) notes while listening:
- There’s a click at roughly 0:31-0:32 (OK, this one’s not down to dubious personal taste)
- RED ALERT: Chorus on guitars! Eeeeeeeww :(
- Voice too loud
- Cheezy drums, as you already know. Hideous tom sounds!
When the song builds up to the chorus lose the closed hihat and loosen it up (gradually if possible), then hit the BIG bright stuff. Or don’t bother & get real drums instead :)
- Good singing, can’t wait to hear it with the harmonies in place
- Is it the Godin faking the acoustic ? Sounds piezo’ish.
- Dist guitars could use some more highs (read: grit) and some lows rolled off to make it more distinctive.

Didn’t notice any timing problems (I wasn’t looking for them either, but nothing jumped out).

D’OH ! Just reread the above and it sounds like I hate it. I don’t. Still friends ?

No prob Teryeah. You just reinforced my own thoughts… The ‘acoustic’ is an Alvarez acoustic/electric. Shoulda mic’d it and may still do it given the chance. The chorus is on the acoustic in an attempt to make piezo sound NOT grate on my ears so bad! :D

Electrics: Yeah, I have pushed the highs up on my latest mix. My bud wanted them more out front anyway sooo… More tweakage…

I homed in on that click. It’s in the vocal track. Dunno where it came from but next time you hear it… there will be new vox on there.

Quote (Diogenes @ April 09 2006,18:09)
Electrics: Yeah, I have pushed the highs up on my latest mix.

Pull out the lows too, a guitar got no business down there except for muddying things up.
Use the high pass and cut at a higher frequency than you think you’d like :)

I just recently tried to mic my cheap acoustic. It was a funny experience rigging up the NTK at the 12-14’th fret, pointing towads the soundhole, and then positioning myself (and the guitar) depending on what souded best through the cans with the tracking mix going at full blast. It didn’t come out perfect but it was a lot more useable than going through the built-in piezo pieze of sh!t. The mic & pre in the guitar is supposed to be decent but I loathe that sound :(

Keep us posted as your work on the tune pogresses :)

Hi Diogenes. Very nice recording. Only two things struck me. First the drums…but you know about that. The other thing that I most noticed was that the bass line has little punch. Maybe re-EQ it and tweak compression?

We’ve had good luck recording my Alvarez acoustic using a stereo pair of condenser mikes with one pointed at the bridge and one pointed at the point where the fretboard joins the body. Really sweetens the sound compared to a single mic.

Well, I liked it! :D