Give me no lip

Works for me. :)

But, there there is that small problem of Johnny Cash doing a Nine Inch Nails song…I don’t guess that qualifies as “country band” so it’s ok. (I actually LOVED his version of it - the video was killer.)

If you are talking about what they are selling as “country music” then flogged it is… :)

Ah yes…a pet peeve of mine is the crossover stuff that a few years ago would be pure pop being passed off as country.

Ironically, I love some old country music. I don’t know why, but I suspect it has something to do with the music I’d hear occasionally when I was very young. My father was in a bluegrass band, but he ides when I was 6 and I have no memory of him playing (I still have is fiddle, but his mandolin and guitar have never been in sight - I don’t even know were they went).

Normally I hate that stuff…I mean really hate it.

But, years ago Elvis Costello put out an album of old country standards that kicked butt - I expect Elvis and The Attractions fans were puking, but it really hit a good nerve with me.

I like Nashville Skyline, too. That’s doubly ironic because I don’t like most of Dylan’s stuff.

But stick the radio on a country station and it’s puking in my beer time.

Think about it – AC/D’s producer producing an album by a female vocalist and many of the songs have guitar parts that sound like they could have been lifted from one of those AC/DC albums. That’s about as country as Porter Wagner’s guitar player playing leads a gold top Les Paul through a fuzz box on every song when I saw him in the 60’s. Give me The New Grass Experience any day (ran the sound system for them a long time a long time ago) – those guys SMOKE.

I dislike most modern nashville country stuff too, the songwriting is so formulaic, and it seems like all the guy singers have the same voice…but I’m almost always impressed by the musicianship of the players. The solos are usually very classy.

The problem being they pump out so much new music a year, you hear 2 to 4 albums by an artist in the same year and realize, it could have been one album. All sounds the exact same. It sucks! Where’s George Jones when ya need him. :D

Two words.

Hayseed Dixie.


Hayseed Dixie

Got 'em on my machine at home AND at work!

Let’s not forget Lester Roadhog Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys either.


Steve Earle…

The Darlins’… you know from the Andy Griffith show now they just friigen smoked :D

Quote (Willy @ Aug. 29 2005,08:28)
Two words.

Hayseed Dixie.

One word...


I love those guys!


Ah The Darlin Family, forgot about that, But ya have to watch Ernest T. dance when they played.

Guess I’ll have to stick with the Martha White Flour Hour with Flatt and Scruggs. My Dad never missed that show. He’d sit with his ol’ Gibson and pick along, I would be listening and watching his fingers, trying to get a grip on that thing called a Geetar!

And The Darlin boys were played by the real life band The Dillards - a great bluegrass band in their own right.

Yeah I knew they where the real deal but I couldn’t remember the name…It’s me It’s me It’s Ernest T

Didn’t Ernest T have a thing for the daughter of the Darlin family? Who in turn had a thing for Sherriff Andy Taylor? Which made Ernest T jealous? Haven’t seen those shows in decades.

I live 20 mins from the Real Mayberry where they just put up an Andy Griffith statue in front of the Andy Griffith playhouse. The actually town is Mt. Airy N.C. and Pilot Mountain is a real town just south of Mt. Airy. Talk about time warp if ya go there. (They do actually have a Wal Mart, tho Wally worlds are everywhere today) :D

A recent survey has shown that 83% of all Americans are Wal-Mart employees selling Chinese manufactured goods. Well… 83% may be strecthing it a little

Ol’ Sam must be doing backflips in his grave. Rolling over wasn’t working…


That may not be a stretch here in the south TG!

Wal-Mart is now the SUPER “7-11”! One on every corner…