Give this tune your opinion

I like downtempo music but I’ve never tried to make a tune in that genre. This is an attempt at it.

The tune was recorded on a digital 8-track and mixed on ntrack. It is software programmed drums, bass, and several layers of guitar.

Any opinion is welcome. as I know there are many areas where I can improve.



Hey DC,
As far as sound quality everthing sounds great, except I couldn’t hear the bass too good on this craptop computer, certainly nothing to worry about, since it happens with a lot of songs and is easily enough fixed.
All that being said, about production the rest is mostly MHO.
I kinda got jaded when I waited the first minute for a vocal that never came. It might not have been so bad if I’d known going in, it was an intrumental.
And certainly not a very well put together instrumental. I mean it’s like a long road to nowhere.
If you wanted to showcase your ability to go up and down the fretts than by all means this is a decent demo.
But to make it a descent intrumental it needs alot more razamatazz. First thing I would do is take the main guitar rythm and alternate it from an up/down to a down/up at least a couple of times. And find parts of the song that it can be eliminated altogether, allowing alternate rythms from the bass and lead to emerge.
The song needed to build up, and break down to vitual silence, and in that moment you could do one of your scale jumps(lead) and kick evething back in together.
I’d add a disorted guitar rythm with lots of Verb holding out the four main cords, just to break up the monotony. possibly, harmonica? I dunno, just throwin’ ideas out there.

Anyway, i think it has potential, if a more intersting structure should emerge.

Keep trackin’


Hi digitcallous!
I liked your song, it’s very relaxing. Guitars seem to come everywhere (in a positive way) and they make nice harmonies.
I would make the bass drum, the snare drum louder and the bass just a little bit louder too. Another thing that I noticed was that a few times some guitar played notes dirty, and I think that you could solve that problem spending just a little more time recording the guitar solos to make them perfect. :)

The same four chords over and over.
You go out of key at 1:06.
And 1:40.
And 1:55.
And… etc…

You did a nice job mixing the guitar together, but the song itself needs something more structurally interesting to stand on it’s own.
Also, your lead work doesn’t seem to have any sort of melodic “theme” to hold the song together. And… You go out of key a lot.

Sorry, my friend, but if I wasn’t honest about things you would never truly appreciate when I tell you that I like something, yes?

Now go play yer guitar! :p