giving this a shot

every little thing cover song

Hi people. I dont post here much but I like to record with n-track and I recorded my band doing some cover songs. my vavorite was every little thing by the Police. Its a little spiced up from the origion with a female singer but see what you think. I would apriciate any comments or suggestions. you can find it at Myspace/kidseatfreerock

Bring the vocal up in the mix. The song works surprisingly well with that sort of guitar/vocal treatment. I like.

Thanks. I know its a bit different but it was fun.

Sounds good, playing back mono here I think, so hard to tell on somethings. Recorded how?

Listened to BTBW also, mix sounds good on both songs other than mono. Not sure 'bout female vocal on Born, doesn’t work for me, but it works great on Magic. Good job!


Hey thanks again. I used a 16 channel mackie mixer into a moyo 1010 into n-track. osp drum mics,sm57 guitar,bass direct,and sm58 for vocals. I tryed using a mxl condencer mic for vocal but it sounded real digital. Im still new at this stuff any one have any suggestions on a remedy for that?

Yes, get a different mic. Those cheapie LD condensors tend to sound really harsh. Stick with the 57. It works for her voice, at least what I heard. but still - bring up the vox in the mix!

Glad you braught up the stereo issue. I cant seem to get it to play back in stereo. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

nevrer mind. got it :laugh: