in another threadi posted my 11 point method for easy looping - for those who missed it, here it is again

1…insert track -
2…clone track -
3…highlight area to loop -
4…EDIT - copy (crtl C)
5…EDIT - paste (crtl V)
6…highlighed section is now a SEPERATE CLIP -
7…insert blank audio track
8…drag clip to new track -
9…NOW use the secret ingrediant to make it work _ EDIT - TRIM -
10…use centre righthand handle in clip and draw out as many repeats as you want -

11…use per part mute to vary loop

NOW look at point 9 - this may seem strange, but N copies and pastes more than is shown in the clip, so using EDIT / TRIM sets the clip to the size you see -

FOR THOSE who dont know. N treats every repitition of a clip as a seperate track - in other words each clip has its own properties box - this means you can treat each clip as a seperate entity -

IF you are using an ACIDISED track for your loop base, then in the properties panel TRANSPOSE will show the MUSICAL KEY the track is set to - if track is not ACIDISED then the transpose box will show 0 - either way changing the transpose value will up or down the track by one note (semitone) or as many notes (semitones)as you want -

WHAT WOULD BE BETTER is that N would allow me to set a GLIDE between note changes, so using the clip repeat function i can set each clip to a different key, what i want to do is, instead of the key going straight from one note to another (one semitone at a time), i can set it to glide up or down to the next note. EVEN BETTER if this could be done through automation -the automation line would equal 0 (actual key) and then by drawing the line up or down the GLIDE would follow the line - quick rise = short glide - long rise, slow glide between clips -


What a Nice Great Post…

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thats very nice of you Bill- many thanks -


This is not looping. This is cut and paste.
If you have several tracks which you want to loop so
as to layer a new part in sync, you would have to
copy and paste all the parts to seperate tracks.
No good.
The looping engine needs a serious look at.
There seems to be two clocks going that are not in sync.
One seems to be the song pointer, and the other seems to be the loop pointer.
And they are definately out of sync.
Almost like the number of samples for the loop is not constant. Or the
buffers for the looping process is not being set up correctly.

wait till we have version 6.0.3

it will be a MAJOR upgrades and have some stunnung NEW FEATURES -