glitches and pauses with firewire

behringer fca202


I’ve got a Gateway MX7515 laptop with an Athlon 4000+, 1GB RAM, and external 100GB 7200RPM drive. I’ve also got a SATA cardbus adapter, into which I have an external 300GB eSATA drive. Also have a number of small USB peripherals plugged in.

It seems, however, that when playing anything in Ntrack (both 4 and 5) that I get glitches and pauses when using the Behringer FCA202 Firewire 400 ASIO driver. I’ve set the latency in the sound card control panel to as high as possible. The WDM driver doesn’t seem to work at all. I’ve also fiddled with the buffering settings in Ntrack, and also with the PCI Latency Tool to try to adjust the latency settings for the firewire interface. All to no avail.

Any suggestions all?

Have you tried to playback anything from other recording software such as Audacity? Did the ASIO and WDM drivers seem to work then?

Yes, Adobe Audition and Audacity utilize the ASIO drivers just great.

Also, using the Firewire interface and ASIO driver with Spinaudio’s Virtual Mixing Console to provide real-time audio processing with VST effects works great.

When you reinstalled did you tell N-track to delete the old configuration file? Back when I was running version 4, N-track quit on me, and could not be induced to run again until I deleted the configuration file, and allowed it create an new configuration file. It can’t hurt to give this a try if you haven’t already done so.


If you’re running SP2 there may be a firewire hotfix for XP to run, check that out.

OK, I tried deleting the ntrack.cfg file and letting the prog rebuild it, and the KB885222 hotfix… both didn’t work - I’m not sure which one worked, but it appears to be working alot better!

Quick question - what do the settings in the Advanced button under the audio card selections page do?

Another quick question, has anyone ever used nLite to streamline their XP install? Any recommended settings, if so?


look at my topic - XP MEDIA CENTRE EDITION -
theres a huge problem not only with this version of XP but also with firewire chips in certain PCs/Laptops -

many laptop owners have had to buy PCMCIA (sometimes called cardbuss) adaptors that contain the right chips to overide the wrong chips supplied in their computer -

its getting to the point where you have to ask what firewire chips are in a computer before you buy it, then go to the firewire manufacturers website to see if the unit you want to buy is compatible with that computer - some firewire units will never work correctly if connected to the wrong chips !!! -

there is also a problem for people running early versions of XP service pack 2 - this version ‘permanently’ set the firewire communication rate to the lowest level - new version cures this, also many manufacturers have devised their own workaround, check manufacturers website for this if you cannot download XP SP2 mod -

Dr J