Gloatfest: Zoo Keeper calls it the closest

Bush 51%, Kerry 48%,Other 1%

Thank God.

While I’m no fan of Kerry, I do appreciate the dignified manner in which he has conceded the race to Bush.

I agree. Kerry is a very dignified man if you care to know who he really is. He cried today during his speech & I started cried alittle with him.

Congrats on guessing the winning margin, Zoo. The race was close, but not as close as was predicted.

I read an interesting synopsis of the reactions to a Bush victory by world leaders around the world. The general reaction seems to be surprise, and then what seems to be a genuine hope for good relations between their prospective countries and the US. What jumped out at me was how many countries seem to care for good US relations only as far as they think the US will provide them funds and/or protection.

It’s my feeling that as the remaining super-power, we shouldn’t be surprised. Nor should we turn from that responsibility.

Still, other leaders seemed to express genuine respect for the people of America for standing firm and re-electing a leader who’s taken a strong stance against terrorism… even if much of the world didn’t agree.

Of special interest to me was this comment about the Israli Deputy Prime Minister…

…Israel however glowed with satisfaction at Bush’s victory, confident of four more years of support from its best-ever friend in the White House.

Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told public radio: “He has led the war against terrorism, especially Palestinian terrorism, and he has refused any contacts with Arafat. All this reflects the fact that he is the most friendly president towards Israel that we have ever had.”…

It seems to me that Israel continues to be the focus of much hatred in the world. I know a few Americans who blame all terrorism on Israel… seriously. These are the same people who argue that we ‘deserve what we got on Sept 11’ because of our policies around the world.

Sorry if i’m rambling, but this has got me thinking about biblical prophecy. The bible says that Israel will be the center of the world’s attention. A distinct dividing line will be drawn over support for and animosity against Israel. People will be divided over their stance on Israel’s right to exist.

It’s a spiritual thing, and Bush has made his choice and made it very clear. It makes me wonder how much of the hatred expressed towards Mr. Bush is the result of his policies and how much of it is the result of his support of Israel.


TJ - good ramblings as far as I’m concerned. I’m not scholar on biblical prophecy but do you remember the book “The Late Great Planet Earth”. I don’t know how accurate the book is considered but I know it was/is popular.

That happened 30 years ago, in high school, but a very religious school mate friend of mine had read this book. He was very troubled by something to due with the fact that he felt the US wasn’t significant or in power anymore. I may have this alll wrong now but I remember he was upset about it.

So, teej, are these the end times?

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While I may disagree with Bush’s tactics against terrorism…or whatever our intentions in Iraq…it’s disturbing and hypocritical for anyone to celebrate 911 as a wake up call.

But I do have concerns as to why we are so adamant in helping Israel so much. It seems to be the biggest reason with our conflict in the mideast.

The internal conflicts of countries are not always our fault but I have to scrutinize our undying support for Israel. instead I just hear a lot of cliches and meaning pep talks in the media. blech

From this side of the pond I’d say;

1) Iraq
2) Israel
3) Guantanamo
4) Kyoto and anything environmental

Would be the main policies that are griped about in the media. But Iraq is the big one.

Quote (TomS @ Nov. 04 2004,12:33)
So, teej, are these the end times?

Matthew 25:13 - Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.


You said it, TG. Since I became a Christian in the late 70’s, we have had one after another who was CERTAIN this was it fall by the wayside. Been happening for 2000 years now.

The only thing that is really certain is that each day brings us closer.

End Times? Could be… there are literally hundreds of biblical prophecies which must come true before Jesus returns. Most of those prophecies have happened, but some very major ones need to happen still. Soon? Hard to say.

Israel… whew. big topic. Some support Israel because it’s the only Democracy in the middle of a slew of dictatorships, and they want the Democracy to win.

Me? I support Israel because God does. Guess i like knowing i’m supporting the winning side.