Go Fly a Kite


Today the early teen son and tried out one of his birthday presents. It’s a 1.7 – whatever that means – and it generated a surprising amount of life; at least I’d make that inference based on the yells from the son. I’d like to thank the kind and thoughtful genius on this board who suggested it. ??? One of these:

That’ll be 1.7 square meters of rip-stop nylon in a general purpose aspect ratio designed to achieve excelent, smooth traction and controlable lift.
I would say for your average 13yr old, a maximum wind speed of around 20mph.
Get him a lumber protector.
Indeed, it was with a similar kite (3.8 in a 30mph wind) that I bust a collar bone, shoulder blade, two ribs and three teeth - worth every second.

(next year, he’ll be needing a four line kite and buggy/land board/skid board)

He already wants all that. How’d it cause all that damage to you? We had some good gusts, and it really jumped. Not too much steady wind, however. The kids are off all week – we’re hoping for some good afternoons. :agree:

You still have snow????? :O Skis?????

I was testing some new kite brakes on a BIG kite in a gail. BANG!!! 30 feet in the air one second. The highest kite jump on record is around 600ft - be afraid.

What? No way! How big was the kite? Yikes.

Way! Power and Traction kiting is simply parachuting in reverse. Bare in mind that a smaller kite can be flown in a giant wind with relative safety. A big kite of say 3 square mtrs plus, could easily lift a small car.

3 sq meters does not seem all that big, really. That much lift? I wish I knew the math behind it. Amazing. So this kite does not seem very big at 1.7. Do you know the relevant formula? (I know, I could go look it up…I’m so lazy…)

I realized yesterday why I loved kites so much as a kid, and why it was satisfying yesterday. Good to hang out with the son, yes, but the other thing I did nearly all summer long when I was a kid, from like age 7 until I was about 16 and things got really crazy in a bad way – I used to sail on a little Alcort Sailfish. Actually took it onto Lake Michigan. Later sailed some day sailers, that sort of thing. Then life got weird. Did not know how much I missed that. Very much the same mind set. I miss that little plank. It was dangerous in a high wind in more or less the same way. We never wore life jackets. :)


Yes. Man, wind and sail go way back.
Free power.
The Chinese used them to lift soldiers to observe enemy lines and it’s believed they attached wind driven optical illusions to confuse archers.
The first machine to crack 100mph was a land yacht.

You’d be better off Googlin’ it than trying to decipher my ramblings. But the kite you’ve given your dude is perfect - it fits the mind-set - the one where you realise that it’s become really windy! you just happen to have an hour to spare! and a 1.7 kite screwed-up in your pocket/glove box/bottom of rucksack…
Power Kiting is generally regarded as you being stood on the ground with a two line kite (two handles or a bar - left right)and they are designed for reasonable lift.
Traction Kiting is four lined for control and the kites are designed for lateral pull and reduced lift.
The Japanese fantastic sport of Stunt Kite Fighting with line cutting razor blades and explosions with kites that fly in excess of 100mph and turn quicker than any UFO

Yeah! More power! I’m gonna get the Binford Power Kite 2000! :D

Tom. Seriously!
What kind of kite fun do you crave; a laugh and a good work-out in a howling gale, or, vehicular traction, in a steady breeze?
Choice of kite/activity is crucial. Most kiters have several to suit the scene and the kite that you need, Tom, is, a Flexifoil Super 10 but check Peter Lynn, too:-)

“Get dragged down the beach, or body surf across the water, this Power Kite will test your skill and muscles to the max.

If you are a fit and strong adult, then settle for nothing less than the Flexifoil Super 10.”

:laugh: I think we’ll take our time on this. :agree:

So, Mary took Graeme out with his new kite today, and the wind was 20-25 mph, and apparently on several gusts he ended up being picked up and then dragged on his behind through some puddles. That normal for a 1.7 adn a 104 pound kid?

Hehe:-) Yup. Small is best because you can fly in crazy winds. Once you get into the 2.5 scene things can become dangerous. Did you get him some Crash Shorts? Must.

There’s a phrase coined by kiters that most (me included) have forgotten to put into practice at some point;

" all you gotta do is let go"

Crash shorts?

Hockey pants good enough? :laugh:

I wouldn’t know :laugh:
But if they protect the base of your spine by bridging it across much of the pelvis, then, yeah. But if your dude aspires to resembling a mat-black, neoprene-armored, RoboCop in beach shorts and Dreadlocks? Then, kites, are where it’s at.
Hockey’s for ballerinas :laugh:

Oh, I agree, hockey is a form of ballet. No doubt about it.