God made me says Bush

This is worrying…

You know guys, I think I’ve said it before, I seriously hope that Bush isn’t truly representative of the US people…

Yay for the separation of Church and State! GO USA!! GO!!


Judge for yourself. Does the leader of your country truly represent or define you.

Well, you’d sometimes hope and think not, but then, they are in our case, voted in by a majority of the population…

But “God made me do it” is pretty much the same thing the terrorists are supposedly saying too.

These are the words of the LORD GOD.

Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people.

Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images.


It seems to me that there is a distinct difference between the American Nation and the American People .
American People are fine, decent and honest.
The American Nation is something else entirely, once politics and The Flag enter the arena American People take out their brains and mash them to a pulp.
Is Bush representative of the American People? nah, he’s representative of the American Nation.


Well said Beefy Steve.

Of course, Beefy Steve is wrong. :) Sorry, Steve! We’re a mixed bag. You can have my neighbor, who has been harassing us for several months because we asked him not to have campfires in his backyard (contrary to local ordinance). Or the militia up north of here. Or the many racists, etc. we can boast of. Nope, there is no such thing as the American “people” there are Americans.

And a majority of them voted for the current president. :)

Just means a majority of the people thought he was better than Kerry not that they are all campfire burnin’ militia men… :)

amen…I mean…Right ON!

But we can still do the campfire burnin’ militiaman thang right? I have not roasted marshmallows around the campfire in ages…

Lemme see… M16, Grenades, Tear Gas canisters…umm Rappeling rope… errr… Grappling hook, Cyanide capsules? Pfft! Nah, I won’t be needing those! OK… survival manual, Euel Gibbons guide to eating trees… AH-HA! THANK THE LORD!!! Here they are, MARSHMALLOWS!! WOO-HOO! They’re so soft and puffy and sweet…

TG – Militiaman TOUGH GUY! :p

mmm…militia marshmallows…mmmmm…

Anyway, you gotta admit that we are not exactly a homegenous mass of humanity. But I will say that we’re mostly harmless. Not all ofus, but most of us.

Bush denies saying that. As for Willy’s intial question, about 1/2 the country likes/loves Bush and the other 1/2 hates him, so the the answer is NO.

And then there’s the half (more or less) that doesn’t vote…

Well, regardless of whether he said it or not, it sorta fits into his character as I understand it from here. I think I’m wondering if disturbs people other than me if he thinks (or saying) he’s doing Gods will… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about it that just rubs me the wrong way.

Of course he said it. He’s said as much all along. Does he believe it? I think so. Problem? In his last speech he identified Islamic radicalism as the source of terrorism - and did not call Islam a religion of peace. Message: the radical right christians have put their message across to him. the possibility of global religious war just went up significantly.

I said it before and I’ll say it again… ANY kind of radicalism is NOT a good thing. I don’t care what it is…

TG – mmm… marshmallows getting just the right brown tint to 'em… Where’s the crackers and peanut butter?

Fanatics come in all sizes and nationallities.

Even marshmellow fanatics have been reportedly seen in 'Bama! :D

You know what’s worrying me more today - Delphi just filed for bankruptcy - we’re going to lose 3000 more jobs in Flint… down the toilet we go…

Close to 1000 furniture jobs lost here this year. Everyone can’t work at hospital or Mickey Dees. So what do we do?