Going from Smart card back to PC

then to N-track studio

I got me a Zoom PS04 Palm Studio and a Smart Card reader.

I’m hoping to be able to record my jam sessions with my Brother on the Palm Studio,take them back home, transfer the tracks to PC and add to them in N-Track …

Can this be done? Is anybody here experienced with the PS04 and with importing the PS04 tracks to N-Track?

Apart from the fact that the audio files are stored in the PS-04 in a (proprietary?) compressed format, and thus need to be converted back to wave files for n-Track to import, this should work.

I considered buying a PS-04 when they came out, but was offered a Fostex MR-8 at a similar price. This baby records standard wave files (i.e. 16 bit, 44.1 kHz - cd-quality), and today I use it routinely for field work.

I guess the PS-04 has some kind of ‘manager’ program allowing conversion into wave… - check the PS-04 manual and the Zoom website…

regards, Nils

As Nils points out, the proprietary format is a headache. That’s the reason I returned the PS-04. I was able to convert from the proprietary format to a standard 16 bit 44.1 kHZ wave file using the program “Audacity” but it was not at all straightforward. That was over a year ago. Things may have changed since then.