GOLEM - Grenzdebiler Partykeller GOA TRANCE REMIX

n-Track with Rebirth RB-338 & Absynth

GOLEM - Grenzdebiler Partykeller GOA TRANCE REMIX in HD

Here is the list of the used tools:
- n-Track for recording ReBirth RB-338 patterns, adding some Voice & FX WAV’s and using special FX from Native Instruments Absynth
- n-Track foar mastering using a few intragrated FXs but very intensive Limiter, Compressor and EQ’s
- Wavosauer as WAV Editor for some tweaks and corrections
- Audacity for adding some Mastering Magic and convertion to WAV, FLAC and MP3 for different marketing and sales internet platforms

It was just lovely to work with n-track as I like the many build-in options of EQ and Dynamis controls on different levels.

Technical Setup: HP Workstation xw8400, Win7 64-bit, n-track6, Native Instruments Absynth, Rebirth TRB 338, Phonic Firefly 808U

In case of somebody like to buy it here is the link to the band shop: GOLEM @ AudioMagnet



That is really excellent, in every way. :agree:

Seriously good.