GOLEM - Zorn des Schoepfers


Hi n-track Community,

we are using n-track mostly for Mastering our experimental music - which typically means combining and re-combining of tracks, adding of audio events and working on the dynamnic (Limiter, Compressor, etc.) and bouncing the results to WAV and MP3. For manipulation of WAV we are using additionally Wavosaur as an external WAV editor.

We know that our stuff is sometimes very hard to digest - and some people would clearly deny to call it music.
However, please feel free to listen and to comment:


Well, I am totally bummed, I can’t get it to play for some reason. I’m rather a fan of experimental stuff. Weaned on Silver Apples of the Moon and all that…

Firefox doesn’t seem to like flash very much.

Tom. I’m on Firefox - all well and good here. Sort it - you’re gonna love Golem.

Golem! Nice work. Cool site.
Are you familiar with ‘beak’ and ‘tools you can trust’?

I’ve been told I have a beak, and I’m an untrustworthy tool, Tony. Is that what you mean?

That’s a very unpleasant image - Duck-like-ish.
Did you check Golem?

Don’t ask me, I have no idea why it doesn’t work.

Well, I checked it out, and I believe this would be defined as Acid Jazz. Artistic is nice, but I like music that actually conveys an emotion and communicates a message to me, and if there’s a message in most of this, I missed it. It’s very complex and I can tell there was a great deal of work involved, but it doesn’t fit the tastes of this old cowboy, lol! Keep doing what you love though, because there are literally millions who adore electronica, Golem