Gone fishing

The last 3 months have been very trying, so, am packing it all in and heading for the coast. Will be sitting on beach Sunday morn, chair, surf fishing rod (10ft), rod holder with rod inserted, one extremely large cup o coffee, one pack of smokes, and hoping the fish don’t bite, so’s I don’t have to get up and exert meself. Everyone have a great week next week, see ya in about 10 days.

Rock’n’Roll Dudes and Dudettes :D

Have a good time Yaz. If’n you don’t want the fish to bite, don’t bait the hook! Or you could attach a boom box with some of this new crap the kids call music playing. That would probably get you shot though, cause NOBODY would catch fish within a 1000 mile radius. :p


Quote (YazMiester @ Mar. 28 2005,14:02)
rod holder with rod inserted

Hmmmm... :laugh:

Take care, dude !

Hope you clear your head and come back all fresh and new.

Enjoy the time off.


Thanks guys, Ali, you may be right, if you don’t hear from me this coming month, RELOCATION!
TG, I could play Dancing Queen by ABBA and no fish would bite, but I would be sick and puking listening to that stuff, LOL
Teryeah, not that rod! :D
Wihan, fresh maybe , but new? Nah getting too old fer that LOL.

And btw, celebrating my 30th wedding aniversary that week, to the same woman even!:D

LOL! My wife loves ABBA. (YUK!) I married her anyway…we just celebrated our twentieth anniversary. I listen to Rush, Boston, Kansas, SRV, ELP, Floyd etc… and she listens to her “chick” music. Marriage is compromise…


Quote (gtr4him @ Mar. 29 2005,10:02)
LOL! My wife loves ABBA. (YUK!)

I like ABBA.

Those two ladies got me through puberty.

Uh John, the music, not the chicks?

"Face Obscene
She got teeth that’s green
She’s a Dancing Queen!"

was that the lyrics? LOL

Quote (YazMiester @ Mar. 29 2005,14:51)
Uh John, the music, not the chicks?

"Face Obscene
She got teeth that's green
She's a Dancing Queen!"

was that the lyrics? LOL

"See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dacing queen"

Yep... I like the music too.

My G/F sometimes sings "SOS" with me on guitar. Some of it is pretty good if you can listen through the fluff.

Oh, yeah… Have a good time fishing, too!

(sorry to thread jack)

Thanks John, guess I’ll have to lighten up on my ABBA retort’s. LOL