GOne song

new track with Ntrack

Well… i have just started to mix a new song… And i would like to read your opinions how it’s going… i want to mean that if you give me some advices i would try to improve:
-voice (yes, it’s the worst part, but if you help me I can improve it ;))

the song:

dind’t you find the song?
I have modified the web… you can listen or download the song here:
Songs by Juan C Rial

Hi Wyn, liked the tune, everything sounds good here, (using headphones) with the exception of maybe a little too heavy on the vocal effects. Maybe backing off a little to let the words come thru.

Yaz :)

Hi Wyn,

I would definitely cut back the effects on the vox. The voice sounds like you don’t need to put that much on it and the song will benefit from a warmer vocal. Apart from that, it sounds pretty good. Really like when the heavy guitar comes in, nice change of feel.
Good stuff!

Thanks, i keep workin’ on vocals… i Think it’s the weakest part (again…)… I would like have the Layne Stanley’ or Chris Cornell’s voice…