KvR Monthly comp entry

I’ve entered this months comp over at KVR with an NTrack number… It uses a beta of a Physically Modelled Trumpet, MilesTone.

Anyway it’s called Gonville, after a street in a village near where I used to live (I lived in Chorleywood, but the track relates to Gonville Avenue, Croxley Green, Herts, UK), and you can find the entry here.


Pretty sweet little tune. The affected trumpet sound almost sounds like an old style analog synthesizer, then lo and behold you brought in a retro synth sound. That was cool. The production work is very clean. Now I’m curious to hear the trumpet straight.


Glad you liked it… Follow the link to the MilesTone thread and get the betas… they’re very good!


thanks for the milestone link-i’m enjoying it much.good song,great groove,great production-thanks for sharing!