good documentation on the Ntrack Drums?

help on the drums

I’m a novice so it took me hours just to figure out that I needed to push the play onthe transport while the live input was on in order to hear the step cycle.

What I want to do is track the drums so I have something very layered to keep time with and then strip awayeverything but the kick so that a drummer can then track to the meter. I think doing it via midi instead of redirecting the drum analog back to the card (what I’m doing now) would be correct because I think then I could substitue the beat later But I’m not sure. I need a really basic tutorial or primer. Anything out there?

The only manual I know of is accessed through the “Help” menu of the n-Track Drums interface. That opens an HTML file stored in the n-Track VST directory.



Search back through the forum. There have been several threads of this topic, some recently IIRC.