Good free distortion and ring mod plug-ins?

need f/x for my cheezy keyboards

Hi Folks,

I am playing around with some lo-fi keyboards that don’t have any f/x built in. I have been getting some cool sounds using stomp boxes but there are some problems. With some of the keyboards the output is pretty noisy to begin with and if I add a high gain distortion box, such as a big muff, things sound cool but the noise becomes intolerable. I don’t currently have any digital f/x boxes.

I was thinking that a plug-in that just distorts the waveform without amplifying the signal may give me much better results.

I also would like to find a good ring-mod and a filter with some modulation options while I am at it.

Yes, I will be playing with some soft-synths too, but I am looking for some strange sounds and sometimes twisting a casio around can be fun.


MDA has a good collection of fx that are extremely cpu friendly but sounds decent.

You can d/l a whole bunch of them in a bundled zip file including the distortion and ring mod you’re looking for.

Knock yourself out :slight_smile:


My neighbors are gonna hate this 8)

I personally like Combo better than Overdrive for distortion.

Those are some of the best little plugs available. There ARE some odd ones in there and a few don’t work very well, but there’s a few I use for everything - Image and Stereo get a good workout when it’s time to put things into Limey’s Pyramid or when I want to create fake 3D positioning.

"Use the noise, Grrrl, use the noise."

Anyone ever use Cyanide? dunno if that plug in is still around, but it really distorted things in really sick ways. Personally, I still like real analog distortion over digital sims (esp. for casio sounds), but hey, YMMV. :)

Another free one worth checking out: big tick’s nasty shaper.

Also: don’t forget to do a search at

I used to use LeafFX for distortiion mainly on drum tracks, then I changed hardrives out. Went back to there website and they poofed of the net. That was a cool free-be.

Vinyl Isotope is pretty niffty too form my experience, it adds over 30 different amp simulater plugs and 30 different distortion settings as well. works great within’ Ntrack, sharware version available.