Good free synth for prog rock

Need some help, I have a ton of soft synths and no time to run through them all. Off hand do you guys know of one that would fit nicely with soft progressive rock. Say a guitar track that sounds like U2 meets Queensryche in ballad style. Maybe bright strings????

If you use sounfonts, this is a good all-around set that has many good voicings in it. The strings and ensembles are really good. I use it a lot.

HammerSound Rocking SoundFont

TY Ksdb.

Hey what have you been doing musically these days??

I’ve been working on a lot of covers and collaborations. There’s a guitar site that I post songs at: A lot of good people there and some quality singers; so I’ll build backing tracks and try to get someone else to sing on them. There’s more traffic in their music forum than here and it’s more for fun, rather than trying to get mixing critiques. It’s free to register in case you want to check it out.