good (free?) verb not SIR


Hey. Is there a good free or very cheap verb out there I should try other than SIR? I have nTrack’s verb as well as the one built into Adobe Audition. But neither one seems to really get me the kind of verb that I want. Basically I am wanting verb that will sound really good on vocals. Any ideas?


Well, I just downloaded ambience, and found it very good, especially for nagware. But any reccomendations are still accepted.


I like this one the best it has it all

There are plenty of free DX and VST reverbs available. I have tried many of them and find one that works best for me on vocals. It is RGC Reverb. Read about it at and download it at

You may also want to download their free high frequency stimulator. It will add sparkle to a vocal, good for ballads. Read about it at and download it at

RGC no longer mentions these freebies on their main web page, but you can still download them for now. I would certainly recommend that you add them to your plugins.

Try Freeverb. Free, very nice and tweakable enough to get a very smooth sound if you know what you are doing without overloading you with options.

the RGC reverb is a version of Freeverb, isn’t it? With some filtering options?


“FreeverbToo” is a version of Freeverb with a better GUI and made with permission from our own, beloved, Jezar Wakefield, a fellow n-Tracker. Do a Google for it.



Here’s my vote for the classic plug ins.

Ok. well, I looked at all the suggestions (haven’t downloaded anything as I’m at school right now. Graduate School Literature final! YUK!!!) and here are my comments and questions:

Classic series: I have classic master limiter. absolutely love it. so I guess I should try the others for good measure.

luxonix: Well, I am not the biggest fan of multieffects processors. but maybe I’ll download it anyways… ???

anwada dx light: sounds interesting. a lot of raving for a plugin with so few features. Makes me want to see how it sounds…

rgc/freeverb(too): what is the difference (soundwise) between this and, say, the built-in reverb for audition/cooledit, other than being vst (if anyone has it and can tell me)? Or the n-track reverb? It has most of the same controls and stuff. is the settings on how it alters sounds just really good or what? just curious.

And the high freq stimulator sounds intersting. I need a better one than the one I have, I think.


PS: does anyone know of another (cheap or free) convolution plug other than SIR? I’d rather have controls, but it is nice to convolute when I get the hankering. SIR doesn’t work for me for reasons I won’t go into here.

RGC is a DX plugin, not VST. Here is an explanation of what is good about it:

rgcAudio Reverb is a simple and nice sounding reverb. Main features are:

• Predelay, Room size, Damping controls.
• Early reflections, Reverb and Dry individual volume controls.
• Two band high quality shelf eq. “Enable Eq” button to select the eq if needed, and to save CPU usage otherwise.
• Extend effect beyond selection checkbox.
It allows to get the effect tail applied beyond boundaries of selected material.
• Effect Only switch.
• Factory presets
• Bypass function.


rgcAudio Reverb is a standard Schroeder/Moorer reverb model, with eight comb filters and four allpass filters, for each channel. It’s basically an extension of Jezar’s Freeverb. Jezar did an incredible job selecting the delay values for all comb and allpass filters, with many hours of listening tests.

rgcReverb uses the same delay values of Freeverb, but it adds some very useful features: Predelay, Early reflections and tone control. The tone control is a two band very musical shelf filter, that is possible to disconnect from the signal path to save CPU resources, very important in a multitrack project.

The extend effect beyond selection let’s you get a natural decay of the reverb tail after selected sound. When this feature is selected, it will extend the file if necessary to finish processing the reverb tail.

What is all comes down to is how it sounds. I use it for vocals and like the way it sounds. It doesn’t take much tweaking at all to find a setting that sounds very much like a commercial recording. I mostly record country music so vocal quality is very important. You should download and install several of the recommended freebies and duplicate your vocal track and use each reverb on a separate track, set each up and solo each track to get an instant comparison among the reverbs. Pick the one that gives you the sound you are looking for.

As to the high frequency stimulator, I only use it when I want the shimmering vocal in a slow ballad. It will create a stereo sizzle that punches up a mellow vocal sound.

Quote (savingedmund @ Dec. 15 2004,19:12)
rgc/freeverb(too): what is the difference (soundwise) between this and, ...the n-track reverb?

The difference is that Freeverb sounds nice and smooth and the N-track one sounds tinny, metallic and has all sorts of grainy artefacts in the reverb tail.

No idea about the others you mention but freeverb was the smoothest freebie verb I've found, not including SIR.

Well, I downloaded freeverbTOO last night. I liked the features and gui a lot on it. I have tested all the others side by side, so I’ll have to listen to it and see, but I think that you can never have too many reverb choices. I always find myself looking for that “perfect verb” for “X” song that always seems to elude me.


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