Good, inexpensive Mandolin Microphone

Anyone have a suggestion for a good mic to use for a mandolin? Something under $250 would be about the top price.

SM94, used SM81, Studio Projects B1, CAD M179… just about any condenser really. Mandolins are pretty hard to screw up. What do you have now and why won’t it work?

I have a good mic - Oktava 012. However, a friend plays mandolin and he is looking for a hotter mic to use on stage. He has a dynamic and it just does not have enough gain for him. The Oktava is a bit more then he wants to pay, so I though I would check with you guys as I am not really keeping up with mics any more - I have plenty or so my wife tells me . . .

SM94 would be my vote then. The thing is condensers are a real pain in the ass on stage due to feed back issues.

hmmm maybe on would benefit from a ribbon mic?

I have a Stellar RM-3 that I get pretty good results with on acoustics, got her on Ebay for under $100 few years back.

As much as I hate piezo’s I would probably throw one in, when I play d mando I likes to dance around on stage,(like a re-tarted riverdance) that is really hard to do if you have to keep and equal distance from a mic.


Had you considered a Piezo mic mounted inside the body , in the “Sweet Spot” , where ever that might be…

I know it’s an acceptable practice to use a piezo transducer on Dobro guitars…