Good or Bad idea?

my future system

Hello, well, i’ve been poking around in here long enuff & i’ve got alot of good info on here so, i decided this… I’m gonna get an audiophile 2496 pci, i already have a focusrite trakmaster platinum pre amp, so i really don’t need an interface, right? (i hope so anyway)LOL! Is that audiophile 2496 really worthy? I’m running xp (just downloaded sp-2) but i’m gonna upgrade my puter w/ 1 gig of ram & get an external hard drive (at least 120g) Can sumbody tell me if this is gonna kick the dawg? LMAO!! I’m new to this puter recording stuff. I used a stand alone long enuff & i’m ready to upgrade. Oh! and i WILL be getting the newest version of N-Tracks, i have the demo for now, but i’m ready for sum of that 24 bit stuff. later!

I have an 2496 Audiophile on XP and I’m absolutely pleased with it, and it should quite happily take the signals from your pre-amp.

OK, thanx Ludo, what else are you running on yer system?

I forgot to mention that i’m supposed to have an intel 845GV chipset, will that work ok w/ this card (audiophile 2496)?