Good Reverb Plug

What suggestions do you have

Hi all,

Friend of mine is looking for a good quality VST reverb plug-in - prepared to pay up to around £50 (around $85).

Anyone able to suggest some to take a look at … preferably with a downloadable demo, so he can try before he parts with his hard-earned cash?

Thanx in advance,

It’s hard to beat SIR Reverb. Get some good impulse files from Noisevault and you are golden. It’s a little CPU hungry but with good impulse files it sounds excellent. Oh yeah… did I mention FREE?


“A little CPU hungry” is an understatement… I’ve found it’s best to leave SIR out of your mixes while you are actually recording, and wait to use it until you are ready to start mixing down. And I agree - it’s a great reverb, especially for the price!


I like SIR too… - However, there are others to try:

Klaerhusaudio has a great, free reverb in their classic series - no-frills, just-get-the-job-done type of effect. Nothing fancy here.

Glaceverb is another one to try. Smooth endings and loong decays for those chill-out style mixes. Free, too…

These are the ones I use and know.

regards, Nils

My all time favorite is EasyVerb by PSP Audio. It is 69 $US. The only thing it lacks (which I & others have requested) is a pre-delay. They said they would add it but they haven’t yet. These are the guys that got me the NAMM pass.

As for SIR, I’ve used Sonic Foundry’s (now Sony) Acoustic Mirror to do this but as John says, you don’t want to do it real time. So I’ve created verb tracks, but now I just use EasyVerb.

All the ones you point are excellent!
I downloaded time ago a little freebie that have some really nice presets, and, maybe debt to my ignorance, i found diffrent from the common reverbs out there.
It´s called AriesVerb, and is free, at least by the moment. (it´s Alpha, but it works without problems)
You guys, give it a try, and tell me what you think.

Hey, thanks Marcelo!
Just played a bit (in the “Temple of the Ancestors”; very nice :) ) and I like it.
Still have to figure out the controls. They are totally unusual. Interesting.

Marcelo Colina - Legendary interesting-and-usefull-internet-link hunter and living link library.

Alright !

Thanks for that.

Only 70 k unzipped ?

Have to play with it after the weekend (going away from tonight)


The echo and reverb you get with N-track shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Ooh, and don’t forget Ambience! It’s nuts! I think maybe it’s available from smart electron:x?