Good site with commercial piano libraryes


Thinking in the free soundfont comparison thread Learjeff made time ago, i post this link i found at ArtisCollab. with a very complete piano commercial librarys comparison, with mp3 for each one.

Piano Comparisons


Im curious…what controller do you use for your piano samples?

Quote (aspiringWanderer @ Nov. 03 2004,09:56)

Im curious..what controller do you use for your piano samples?

Im not sure about your question, but if i correctly understand, i use an old Yamaha psr keyboard. I understand you correctly?

Awesome site Marce. That will save some folks a few bucks and keep them from being disappointed with a purchase.

MIDI controller is the device (usually a keyboard) that sends the MIDI data to your sound generaters like your soundonts.

I was curious if you use a hammer action 88 key controller given that I had the impression you were a pianist. :slight_smile:

PSR keyboards are terribly frustrating to play like a real piano…I always wondered how accurate the midi translation would be if I used a hammeraction controller.

Well, im a pianist, at least i try :), but i cant afford by the moment a weighted keyboard. And yes, the psr ones are not the more similar to a real piano. You have made me think ask some advice for what is the more cheap+more realistic touch (not samples) keyboard out there (similar to a real piano)

M-Audio, Evolution, and Fatar came up with some decent ones…but theyre realitively around 400 bux I think

Great site, Marce. So far my favorite is the Holy Grail, proving that sampling the best piano doesn’t necessarily produce the best sampled piano! The Kawaii, while a decent piano, isn’t my favorite and normally would sound pretty wimpy next to the others represented here.

I don’t know whether the better result is due to more care in sampling, better fine-tuning of filters, or maybe the simpler harmonic nature of the Kawaii, but that piano ends up sounding more natural and expressive than the others.

I still have a bit of listening to do. I’ll try that MIDI file on a few things I’ve collected and see what I get!

It’s an interesting piece to use for the purpose, since it uses a lot of dynamics and a lot of the piano, as well as pedal down runs and other things. However, the pianos that sound best for that style of music don’t necessarily sound best for the blues & rock style parts I like to play.

The other thing that’s less than ideal about the comparison is that a piano player plays the instrument they’re playing, and adjusts their playing to the sound. For some of these pianos, the playing would have been rather different given the sound coming out of them. But still, it’s the best one can do easily, and especially remotely!

Jeff said:
“The other thing that’s less than ideal about the comparison is that a piano player plays the instrument they’re playing, and adjusts their playing to the sound”
Thats very true…Its weird but if I dont feel the vibrations of the sound from the piano…its very awkward…for everything else…there’s something about the vibration that gives me a different groove to using it.

vibrations of the sound
That is the main reason i enjoy more, by far, play a real piano (medium quality one) than a sampled one. The vibration that go trough allyour body and the way that the harmonics resonance are a nice experience, that i cant reproduce with my keyboard and two speaker.