very rough draft

Okay, I already know the timings are screwy, etc., this was just to give me a guide to write lyrics to.

Goodbye - reference track

I’ve already deleted all the tracks, now I have to go back in and recreate the entire song, and dedicate some serious attention to what’s going into this…

Here are the lyrics that I composed for the song (for once I wrote the words and music together, instead of writing music, and then trying to figure out words to fit the music I’d written, lol!)

lol, YES it is a tear-jerker song, so sue me…

Girl, I'm sorry, I know that I was wrong
I mess up bad sometimes, when I'm by myself too long
No matter how hard I tried to keep it straight
Babe, I know I blew it, tell me that it's not too late
To wipe your tears away, and tell you how very much you mean
I'd fall down on my knees and pray, if God would bring you back to me
I can't take back all the times that I've made you cry
I'll do anything for you, Girl, don't let it come down to “Goodbye”

Ohhh, can you forgive me? Sometimes it's tough to be a man
Girl, I'd make it up to you in every way I can
It's not that I did you wrong, but I never did you right
All those times when you needed me, and I didn't even try
So wipe those tears away, forget the heartache that you felt
There's a love for you, inside me, I can't have for no one else
If I could I would, turn back time, to make it right
Girl, whatever makes you happy, Please, don't let this be “Goodbye”

I know that sometimes Life don't have a happy ending
I'm only asking you, don't throw it all away…
There's still a shot that we can make it last forever
I'd give it all I've got, for the rest of my days

So wipe your tears away, they're the last ones you will cry
I'll get down on my knees to say, I'm yours, ‘til the day I die
And know that everyday, when you look into my eyes
I'll never make you sorry, that you didn't say “Goodbye”