Google Chrome

some pros some cons

Well I’ve been running chrome for a few weeks now and I love it! I can’t stand going back to firefox or internet explorer. Why? Well I surf the net on a laptop and it’s tab features mean you never have to scroll over to file, then tab, etc. Also it opens a blank page when first starting with icons of the pages you opened recently, so you just click an icon.
Or like I’m doing now, you can tell it to open a bunch of pages at once. So I’ve got the sites that I need to go to all opening in their own tabs at the same time.

THE BAD DMM NEWS: I’ve stood chrome on all sides, sweet talked it, tweeked it, worked it over and over and over. And I don’t get java working well enough to see items in a snocap store. That doesn’t say much for snocap eather.

I love chrome! It is great!

Oh yea I forgot to mention that there is more page with crome too! :laugh:

Google Chrome won! Snocap lost! Chrome is no longer beta. :agree: