Google Desktop Search

Nice little program

Hi there !

If you’re like me, then you have about 500 files in your ‘Forum Stuff and howtos’ folder. (Whenever a topic is worth saving, I print it to PDF into that folder).

The problem comes when I am looking for something in one of those files. I can usually remember a couple of words from it, and my naming scheme (in general) can get me to locate what I’m looking for, but sometimes the gem was delivered as an OT reply when a thread ‘evolved’ (bad choice of word he he he). So I know something was posted about getting the ‘pop guitar sound’ or ‘pitch shifting a guitar for bass’ or mastering’, but I couldn’t always put my finger on it.

XP search is more than useless.

Then i discovered Google Desktop search. Wow.
What an add-on.

It takes a little while to ‘index’ your HD (and mail), and then it sits (while using about 4mb memory) in the background and indexes files as they appear. The initial index on my PC took about 3 hours, as it only does it when the PC’s idle.

Now you just hit the search button, and faster than what I can type the query, it comes back with files that has those words in them.

It indexes pdf, xls,doc files and others, as well as your e-mails and internet cache. (I use Mozilla and it works with that as well).
I also have MS AntiSpyware and on installation MS AS told me that this was ‘certified spyware free’.

To those of you that haven’t heard about it, I could seriously recommend it !

Cheers !


one that i prefer is copernic… although i’ve discovered that it’s best to organize your files so that you’ll not need any search! :D


I’ve just went to the link - looks very cool !

Thanks for that.

In that case, I could seriously recommend copernic as well !

:p :D