Google Gmail

Anyone got any invites?

There’s a discussion over at audiominds about the Gmail service that Goolge are trialling at the moment…

You need an invite to join the trial.

Anyone here got any spare “invites” that they are prepared to share? (there’s plenty at audiominds but I’m only a lurker over there so it seems a bit rude to ask for one until the regulars have had their fill).



Sure PM me with an e-mail address to send it to.

thankyou. on it’s way.

I got invited, I registered, and can login.

that’s about it! I can’t workout how to do anything else - it wont let me passed the welcome page, even tho if I try to log on with a wrong password it comes back with ‘no way hosea’… the correct password will authenticate and that’s it!

Any ideas?


I have 4 invites left. Anyone that wants one can PM me.