Just thought I’d start a separate thread for googlyears. Your comments on Craig are spot on, and the next review for JPC was really interesting.

You have a talent for this. That’s not entirely common. Serious.

Oh man, you’re too kind, It should be fun, I’m thinking of an experiment with this, I want to know if you and Craig get a bounce in your SC page views, plays, downloads etc, . Im going to post it in the SC forum probably Friday night, You Tom and Craig will be at the top of the list and it would interesting to see if people go to your sites, like if you normally get a certain number of plays, will it bounce up over the weekend? Like I have noticed sometimes I’ll go a week with barely 5 or 6 plays, I’ll post something in the forums and the numbers will jump, well a little anyway. So i’ld like to know if this can actually promote someone’s music. Maybe, maybe not, maybe we’ll find out.

The tracks will disappear for a few hours
over the next few days, I remixed both of the casts, and then they’ll pop back up.

It’s also on iTunes now, with the title Room8!

OK, we’ll be in touch, the other thing is that - a
review is easy when the music is great!