Got a few quid to spend

Pod or J Station?


I’ve heard some great guitar sounds on the music forum by some of you guys with Pod’s and J-Stations.

If money was no object (gulp!) which would you buy and why?


edit Forgot the VAmp, sorry.

Well Steve, I love my J-station. Great tones & I like the fact that I can edit, and more importantly save, patches on my computer.

You can’t get the J any more new so it’s an Ebay job I guess.

The guitars on this track h e r e were done on my old Ibanez SG copy into the J.

The (only) guitar on this track h e r e is my Tele through the J.

A buddy had a V Amp. Was also pretty cool. Can’t comment on the Pod. His stuff can be heard h e r e.




Hi Mark,

Some nice stuff there. You a Wishbone Ash fan?

I have a Korg AX30G guitar processor, I suppose it was ok for it’s day, but it’s a swine to alter any of the patches. I really should list it in the “This toy’s a dud” thread :D

Love that Tele :cool:



Some nice stuff there. You a Wishbone Ash fan?

Thanks. Not really a Wishbone fan. Played a song or too of their’s over the years in cover bands.

I mainly play acoustic in a church worship band nowdays although electric guitar really is my “first instrument”, so when I get a musical idea that needs electric guitars I tend to use it as a platform to “express myself”.


Not that I have either.

But my answer to the J station or Pod choice would be the Zoom 9.2tt

And did u get my email 3 a.m. was written by Rob Thomas the song was done by Matchbox 20.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the J-Station…and if you found one on Ebay cheap it might be worth it but it’s a done deal man!

The pod has a big following and alot of patches and the Pod Live works with the Variax…

The new Zoom pedals are pretty nice. I bought the A2 and it has some nice sounds in there as well as being pretty quiet.

I’ve got a Boss GT-6 and as nice as I thought it was when I bought it…my ears are getting tired of it. I don’t think I want the GT-8 but I would like to hear the GNX 3000 Korg. (I think that’s the number)

So for me I think I’d look at the Pod Live and the 3000.

But I don’t have the cash for either so I won’t look!


One advantage of the J-Station is that it has bass amp models included. It’s a solid unit and seems to be well-respected for its tones. Wish I had more experience with Pods (and the new Zoom stuff) to comment.

if you’re recording on pc or using it at home,might i suggest the NI guitar rig 2 software.i think it sounds better than all the out board also has very good bass rigs(bassman,SVT) :)


Thanks for all the input guys, excellent stuff as always.

I’m leaning towards the POD xt at the moment (it’s the same colour as my Variax :D )
but I do also have a project to update my old PIII and as I won’t be gigging, a software solution might come into it’s own.

I got bad G.A.S. at the moment.


Good choice Beefy Steve. It looks pretty cool almost like a red whoppy cushion.

No offence to my italian counterparts…i meant whoopie cushion. It does look nice asa rack unit.