Got a live one for ya

I’m actually almost happy with this one

It still needs some work, but I think it is pretty good. Anyone want to burst my bubble for me?


Nah, I think you’re right. It is pretty good :)
I found myself boosting the EQ slightly while listening, from 600-6khz. IMO you lack some punch in the mids, too much of a smiley face EQ curve.
Gotta find me another bubble to burst :)

Do you think that is a mix problem, or just something that would need to be fixed in mastering? I haven’t mastered it at all.

I’d try to fix whatever’s fixable in the mixing stage. Try to mess with the EQ while listening (don’t play LOUD), then ponder which individual tracks you think need tweaking to achieve what you just did to the mixdown file.

EDIT: Did I hear an autotune in there ?

yeah. intentionally set a bit obvious. I didn’t want to go all the way to the cher effect, but I wanted a bit synthy sound to it. I don’t know about tweaking the mids. I worked so hard to get a good balance, I’d be afraid to mess with the balance too much… But it doesn’t sound too verby? I tend to like a lot of verb. Sometimes I fear that I overdo it