got a shure 55s?

wanna trade or sell it?

I want me an “Elvis” mic - a real one mnuafactured back in the day.

Anybody got one they’d be willing to sell?

here’s an example from Ebay, I’d rather deal with somebody I “know” from here……ck=true

Hi Hux:
I believe Shure is marketing a present-day duplicate of that mic… They can be had brand new… I’m not sure of their price but they’ll look shiney and new… I think they have all the innerds of the real one… They look like the real one…


heyas bill - ya, I saw the series 2, but I’m wanting the mic PLUS the mojo.

think I’m bout to score a nice one on ebay in a minute anyways.


snoopy dance

ah yes. soul included at no extra charge.


I’m hearing they make nice Horn Mics as well, now-a-days… I’ve got an old Shure 566s out of those days… It looks like a Chrome version of an SM 58… But with a shock mount and a multi impedance switch in the mount… 50 and 150 ohms… I think it’s called a 566s…



who cares what it sounds like…

welp, it sounds like this:

I’m happy with it…sounds better than my 57, at least to me.

this is the original you got off ebay? or is that a reissue?

i think the idea with the reissue was to use modern mic components, but attempt to preserve the original sound, right? i wonder if they accomplished that.

i want one for the studio… just to have sitting there. i could take pictures of me and the mic together and maybe someone will think i’m cool…

That’s actually how most girls think. “That guy has got a cool mic, I think he’s hot.” :p

naw, that’s the original.

>>That’s actually how most girls think. “That guy has got a cool mic, I think he’s hot.”

yea, that would be awful…lol