Got an Echo Audio Layla3G audio interface!

Selling my Echo Audio Gina24

I’m going to run it through it paces this week with a live recording. I can’t wait!

I’m selling my Gina24 unit I have if anyone is interested. I bought it in 9/10/2001 for $320. It’s in excellent condition & works very well. I’ve used it only in a smoke free studio.

VERY cool…I’m totally sold on Echo stuff.

Layla20 and Gina24 in my home machine and a Layla24 in my work machine. No problems with any of them. (except when the power supply died in the layla20 - fixed for free under lifetime warranty by echo)

I can’t get the Layla20 and Gina24 to work in tandem because I use the Gina24 with the ADAT source (and it’s the clock) and that precludes syncing the two together, but they work just fine in the machine when used separately. I can sync them when not using the ADAT.

Echo has some of the best drivers, too. I wonder why they are still beta but does matter as long as they are good and stable.

I know I’m not telling you anything. :)

Right - I like their stuff but I’m having troubles with the Layla3G. nTrack is unable to open the wave input device when I try to record or set the monitor button. I’ve tried setting various audio formats but nothing works. I had a similar problem with the Gina24 when I selected 24 bit, but 24 unpacked left-justified always worked?

I’m using the WDM drivers & the device seems to be working correctly. I’m going to post in the other forum, but any ideas would be appreciated.

The same holds true for the Gina24 as you said, whatever it is.

I have to use MME when doing 24 bit digital in – ADAT. I get unsupported format, or some such error, using WDM or ASIO. I don’t know for sure but I think it the way Echo’s Purewave devices work. I run it it almost every time I go to record drums and have to rethink the settings. It’s only a problem doing 24 bits. I use 24 bits (plain, what ever that is).

I did have a config file saved off that I’d use to quick switch between the Gina24 and Layla20 settings. It would copy a pre-saved n-track2.cfg file to the folder with nTrack.exe. They are gone since upgrading to the latest bets and I haven’t recreated them yet. That trick might not work with the beta.

Something on my wish list if switchable configs for this very scenario and a couple of others.

The home machine also has onboard 6.1 audio which I occasionally use for surround sound. The Gina or Layla is capable of doing that but the C-Media is good for quick and dirty playback and I don’t have the good cards speaker wired for it. It really isn’t useful for much else. It’s a good 'nother system to check mixes on.

I’l be doing some drums in the next week or so. I’ll have to figure out the config again. I’ll let you konw what I come up with…It’s one of those “OH THAT” moments when I figure out, then there will be weeks when I don’t use it again.

I’ve never had a problem doing 96/24 with my Gina24 using WDM (other than what I mentioned). I’ve recorded numerous songs that way. I think there’s something wrong with the Layla3G & I’ve contacted Echo Audio already.

That’s possible.

My MME 24 bit scenario is only when using the digital ADAT input wifh forces using PureWave – I’m never done 24 bits with it using the analog inputs. WDM and ASIO should support 24 bits.

Let me know what you find out.

FYI for anyone interested: The techs at Echo are very helpful also. I called them a few months ago when I was having an interesting problem that I knew was a config problem bug didn’t know where to look. We lucked out in email, mosly because the hardware was totally new to me and didn’t know much about my own new stuff. Ultimately there was a 44.1k - 48.0k switch on the ADAT preamp that was in the wrong position. The preamp is in a rack and I didn’t even know the switch was there…neither did the tech…until we got on the phone together ands walked through everything. Both of us went “DUH!” :)

My Gina 24 is now on eBay - Gina 24

Got a song from the gig last Thursday posted at Broken Arrow. Play SM. I’m only going to leave it there for a couple of days.

The recording was only 5 tracks. We were going to put 3 mics on the drums but one of the guys forgot to bring his mixer. So we had my Rode NT1000 over the drums. My guitar (right) had to go direct into the Layla3G through my THD Hot Plate. We recorded the vocals directly off the board into the Layla3G. The bass ran direct into the card & so did the other guitar.