Got me an unexpected upgrade

I couldn’t refuse !

Hi there !

I’m still running a Cellery 1 gHz PC (with 256 MB RAM).
The RAM that works in that PC has sadly become so expensive now that it is not worth upgrading (I’ll have to pay almost R1000 (ZAR) (bout 160 US$) for 512 MB !).

I don’t have the money at the moment to buy a new one (and I didn’t want to get into more debt)

So then a buddy of mine from church mentioned that his company closed down a DRP site, and he was about the take two PC’s that was in there back to headoffice when the manager said that it’s been written off and he can take it.
So I asked him about it, and he sold one to me for R800 (ZAR) (about 130 US$). Only thing wrong is that he took the memmory out of the one (256MB) to add to the other one. But DDRII memmory is very cheap over here at the moment.

This is the PC:
HP (!) 5100s
P4 3ghZ (HT)
800mhZ frontside bus
80 GB SATA drive
128 MB onboard card graphics
Intel chipset.

I am so stoked its not funny.
For less than what I would have payed for RAM for the old box I got me a rather current PC :)

There is one catch - I have to build the PC into another casing as the slim form factor is too thin for the delta 1010lt to fit.
My buddy did it already, and he spent about 3 hours working on it. I used to work for a company that assembled PC’s, so it shouldn’t pose too big of a problem.

Sometimes Murphy doesn’t look and things like this happen.

(Did I say I was stoked ?)


Well done Wihan!

It’s always nice to hear when something good happens.


Bingo Wihan!

Saying Thank You… sometimes doesn’t cover what you really ment, to say… :O :laugh:


Well done.

Now strip down the old machine and get the parts on Ebay quick. More money for toys. :)

When the mobo died on my wife’s PC I made £20 for just the CPU (1 Ghz PIII), and another tenner for the RAM. The harddrive (30Gb) only made about £15. But hey, that was £45 towards my drum kit.



I’m afraid e-bay’ing isn’t an option around this part of the world :(

But the wife has been wanting her own PC for a while now. Her needs are very basic - e-mail, internet, a little photoshop (downloading and touching up photos) and a flatbed scanner (she’s into scrapbooking and stuff like that).

The old PC has enough juice to do what she wants from it, and I just might need to cut back a little on the toys front as well :D

I found that I can fall so easliy into the trap of enjoying the process of aquiring toys more than actually HAVING the toy.

But I can think of a couple of things that I’d be able to ‘e-bay’ towards that GR-20 …

3 times now I’ve quickly glanced at the topics on the list page here, and my brain has read this one as:

Got me an unexploded grenade

talk about bloody dyslexia !

LoL !


This being Africa and close to Mozambique its not totally unrealistic…

:D :D

I am building a new DAW at the moment (SATA disk, 2GB RAM, 3 GHz CPU, 8 ch. Emu 1820 soundcard, sleek, noiseless cabinet) and I am donating the old one (2GHz, 512 MB RAM, IDE disks, 4 ch. Maya soundcard) to my mother. She works as a graphic artist and her old P-III system is getting way too sluggish for the drawings…

regards, Nils

That’s a sweet deal for the both of you !


Hi !

Over an episode of NCIS last night I got the bracket made (was just too busy during the evenings / weekend to do anything about it before).

The Delta’s mounted and the PC is now installed in the ‘studio room’.

Wow. Freakin’ amazing.

With the previous PC I tested a 15 track project with about 5 effects.
Took about 10 seconds to start playing, and then the VU’s never lined up with what you heard.
If I would record from all 8 inputs into that 15 track file, it would think about it for about 15 seconds before it gives me the ‘ready?’ prompt, and if I hit stop, I would wait for about 20 - 30 seconds for it to draw the waveforms…

Now is a different story :

Same 15 track file starts playing the moment I hit record.
VU’s ‘line up’ with what I hear.
If I arm all 8 tracks and hit record, the ‘ready’ prompt comes up before the mouse button is on the way up. It starts straight away. If you hit stop, it draws waveforms for the best part of 1 second (2 at most), and then the PC waits again.
The best part ? All of this while the CPU is sitting at 1 - 4 % .

I didn’t have time to check the midi timing (I’ve NEVER had joy before with midi timing) but I’ll test that tonight.
Simple test I’ve always done: Plug the midi drumkit’s midi and audio output into N, record both, and then playback and hear if the timing goes off. It’s simple, but it works.

I got so used to the way of working before that I never even thought about doing it differently than ‘make an adjustment, wait half a second, listen, do it again’. I’ve also got so used to all the delays and wait times that I just built that into my workprocess.
Now I appreciate this new speed so much more.

And the best thing is the PC isn’t even cutting edge, but I think because its a HP Compaq, they’ve made shure that all the components and the chipsets really work well together, and therefore I’m expecting stability.
I’ll know fer shure after the initial shakedown…

Bless you Shaun ! (The buddy that let me buy the 2nd PC)


That’s great Wihan. I tell you, it is a blessing to have equipment and software that actually works when you are ready to work. My old 450mhz PII use to cheese me off soooo bad. You know… click, wait… click again… wait… click… CRASH! :p


Yeah, and I betcha that made you appreciate the faster/newer one even more !

I just did the midi test.

Absolutely amazing.

For the 1st time ever I can record audio and midi (at the same time) from the drums or keybaord without it missing a beat or going out of time.

If I play the recorded midi track and audio track from the drums, and then A/B solo between the audio and the midi, I cannot tell when the one stops and the other begin.

I know this is old news for a couple of you guys, but this is opening up new worlds for me here.

Previously I did all the audio work in N, and all the midiwork in Voyetra. If I needed midi over audio, I went into cakewalk 6 or 7, imported the wave files from N, do the midi and then export the whole bunch into N again.

Now its just all in N, and if I need any more midi features I now export the midi to MOP or Cakewalk, but by then its already recorded, so its easy !

:) :cool:

Sorry to bore you guys with this.

Hey Wihan, glad everything is working out for ya on the new set up.

Now if only the rich uncle I don’t know about would leave me some cash I could get rid of the old slower than molasses in winter DAW I’m using. Oh well, my ship came in but I was at the train station. :(

Im happy about you Wihan, hope you enjoy it.
To be a little poor sometimes helps to appreciate things and to dont be so picky, isnt?


I remember one night i dont have nothing to do, and start playing in my mind “if i was rich, i would like to bought only that xx equipment…”, “but, wait, i also would like that xy other”. I remember i stop that game, because, if i would become rich, i dont know what to do with that. Now, i exactly know what i want wish for a pair of years still…:smiley:

All of my material things for a week of happiness… Except for my n-Track. that is… :O ??? :laugh:


Great to hear Wilhan. Don’t apologize for sharing your excitement. I totally understand. Last October, I ended up upgrading from an old P2 to a new HP with an AMD 64 dual core with all the trimmings. As you say, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Did you adapt the Delta 1010 PCI backplate to fit in the SFF, or did you transfer everything to a standard case? I’m just curious.

I took the lid off the SFF body (can’t put it back while the delta’s in) and made a backet like in the picture.

There was already a hole in the SFF side (where the grill and backplates used to fasten onto).

Now I just have a normail PC lid standing loose over the whole thing to just protect it should something fall on it. I also took the front face off from the lid, so that sits in front now and the whole pc looks quite normal.

This way the delta and the case stays intact.
If I need the pc back to standard I just take the delta out and put the lid back on.

That’s using the ol’ noggin’ Wihan!