got some new monitors

maudio bx5a

got a set of maudio bx5a nearfield monday at gc…they were having their clearance holiday sale…some great buys…
these have great definition…not as much low end as some of the bigger ones…but great definition for mixing…have a set of altecs with a sub…may use it with them for low end.
overall very nice for the money…

OK, nice buy -
now the serious stuff starts -

1… what are you going to plug these monitors into ?

2… to get the best out of them you need a TEST PROGRAM that will put them through their paces, allow you to set them up ptoperly and help with positioning - go to link below and download 30day demo - this is the one program that i use for testing anything audio -

there are three main programs in folder when installed -

1a… ttg test tone generator - generates all manner of tones -

2a… loudspeaker test - tests loudspeakers -

3a… compatability tester - test if your PC/Laptop is up to the job you are asking it to do -

3… find a friend or someone who has an oscilloscope to test out your soundcard - this generator is as about perfect as you can get for the PC -

it showed up immediately that this PCs onboard sound “Realtek AC97” has very bad distortion on the negative goiing waveform - it also showed (as i mentioned before in forum) that my Soundblaster Audigy NX2 USB to be well, dare i say it PERFECT -

Dr J

will do that…am using a creative audigy zx laptop card…24bit…and a makie mixer…plan to set up these so we can use them for the ipod, recording and such with the makie being the hub…
let you know how it comes out…

took me absolute ages to get my Audigy to work at 24bits using WDM - then i discovered that N had 3 settings for 24bit audio - works great now -

Dr J

two points when using the tone genetator without a scope to monitor what is going on -

1… when using the loudspeaker test - the output on the TWEETER test is modulated with another signal so it rises and falls quickly - this is to protect your tweeters from burning out -

2… if you do a SWEEP from 50 hz to 20000hx - the output will be 0db constant between 50hz and 17000hz - between 17000hz and 20000hz the aplitude (DB output) will decrease rapidly - this again is to protect your tweeters -

tested on a Soundblaster Audigy NX2, results may vary on other soundcards

Dr J

The Dr is right.
You can also find some excellent tools at
Lost all my bookmarks, but look for their “Room EQ Wizard” (you need a simple calibrated mic like the kind built into an SPF meter, which you need to do the stuff Dr. J recommends anyway).

Another excellent tool is Rightmark Audio Analyzer (RMAA).
This would have shown in a few minutes Dr J’s problem with his built-in, doing a loopback test.
No oscilloscope required.
:) To see the kind of output this program generates, for a wide variety of popular soundcards, see my collection at

Most important: where are you going to put them?
I see lots of pics of home studios, with the montors against the wall.
All the advice above is totally wasted if the speakers are near a wall!
Near-field monitors should be significantly closer to you than any wall.