Grab it while you can!!!

DC Six

Hey all you Ntrackers. I just received an email from Tracertek that DC Six will be available for $59 (download version) for the next 2 weeks only! Keep in mind that this program normally sells for $199. If you haven’t used this program before, you are missing out on a great piece of audio restoration software. I love this program and use it all the time ( I like it better than Sound Forge 7 that I also have installed). If you have never visited their website before, check it out. They sell really nice products cheap! It is where I bought my first copy of N-track.

Please do not slap me for mentioning this here. I do not work for Tracertek. It is just that this type of sale on this product happens about once a year and I wanted to share this info with my cheapskate friends :D

I believe there are downloads available for those who want to try it out first.

take care all


Jeff at Tracertek is a really nice guy, good to do business with, and one of the few resellers of n-Track I’ve seen.

I forgot to mention. I called Jeff (at Tracertek) to confirm that this was available to “anyone” and not just previous DC audio products owners. He said, “Well…uhhh, do you own a previous version of any DC audio product?” I said that I already owned DC Six but I wanted to know if it would be ok for members of the N-Track forum to get the same deal. He said it would be ok, but you might want to mention that you own a copy of N-Track and that you heard about the deal through a friend who gets the newsletters (That is how they are giving the discount, through their newsletter subscribers).

Anyhow, he said it will be ok and that the deal is a 2 week only shot for $59… after that it goes back to $199.

Honestly, I probably would not spend $200 for this audio editing program even though it does so many things better than Sound Forge 7. But at $59, it is like getting N-Track for $75… it is that good.