Gradual change of tempo?

Is it possible with N?

Hi all,

just wondering if it’s possible to do a gradual tempo change.

For example your song is 120bpm
Then you want the tempoto change from 120 to 100 but not instantaneously. You want the tempo change to start at say bar 30 and then by bar 4 the tempo is 100 but it gradually changes over the 4 bars…

Not sure if it will mess with any plugins synced to the tempo though…especially drum VSTi’s…


On the menu bar… View > Tempo. It will bring up a tempo evolution window. I’ve never used it myself, but seems to be what you’re after.

Oh wow. Yeah cool that works!
And if I’ve got Jamstix playing along N sends the tempo changes so JS speeds up or slows down with the lines I draw.



10-4 :D