Graphical issues with N-track

my volume meters are black

While working in ntrack last night, my volume meters and a couple other graphical things have gone black and I can no longer read the parameters next to the meters. I tried playing with some shading setting in ntrack briefly, and rebooting but no luck. Any thoughts?



You can try the big button “Revert preferences to the default settings”.
If all else fails, try un-installing and re-installing n-Track.

Just a question…do you still have 3.3 or an older version of n-Track installed? I had all manner of graphic weirdness on my machine until I un-installed 3.3. Not sure what’s up with that…but wacking 3.3 fixed me right up.


Sorry, should have mentioned this before. This is v4 24bit

Yep. I have V4 24 bit too. The graphic weirdness did not stop until I uninstalled V3.3 though. Do you have the latest build (1746) of V4?